Reblocking Melbourne

Although underpinning is required at one time or another by almost everyone owning a property, most people avoid it. The problem lies mainly in the fact that the pricing tends to be costly, making it available to only a selective few. We at House Restumping, understand the importance of underpinning and in order to ensure that all can avail of our service, we keep our pricing fair, honest and affordable.

Our experienced team of professional and skilled tradesmen are capable of taking on projects of any magnitude, big and small. We’re¬†dedicated and committed to completing any given job to the highest standard. Our list of services comprises of:

* House underpinning and restumping
* Obtaining permits
* Insurance work
* Commercial underpinning and restumping

For most Australians, buying residential and commercial real estate is the biggest investment that they will make in most cases. Safeguarding this investment is therefore very important. In order to protect your property, it is strongly advised that you only work with experts who can be entrusted with the task of underpinning. Engaging House Restumping on your restumping project will indeed be a wise decision.

With the level of skill and knowledge gained through years of experience, our  experts will ensure that your project will be completed to the highest standard.

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